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 MPY's character database.

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PostSubject: MPY's character database.    Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:32 pm

Star Wars character sheet

Name: Vellak Lorve
Gender: Male
Age: Early 30's
Species: Human
Appearance: Long dark hair, close cropped beard, steel grey eyes. Jedi Robe consisting of Black Under Tunic, Grey Tunic and a Black Tabard and a Black Hooded Cloak.
Era: Old Republic
Organisation/Affiliation: Jedi Order (exiled), Revanites (disbanded/destroyed)
Force Alignment: Neutral
Weapon(s): a pair of lightsabers

Force Powers:
Force Lightning, Force Choke, Force Drain, Force Push, Force Conceal, Force Persuade, Force Valour

Lightsaber 1

Appearance: Single bladed, straight hilt with a small choke point just before the emitter. The emitter is gold and has small windows on the right side while the left side has a steel shroud placed over a scarred and damaged section.
A leather grip has been added with an engraving that reads:

"Peace and passion gives me Strength.
Strength and Knowledge gives me Power.
Power and serenity gives me Harmony.
Through Harmony I gain victory.
Through balance the force sets me free"

Crystal Type: Corrupted Kyber
Crystal Colour: Red
Extras: Believed to have been Revan's lightsaber from when he was Dark Lord of the Sith.

Lightsaber 2

Appearance: Single bladed, straight hilt. Angled emitter with a slit down the widest part.
Basic leather wrap for a grip.
Crystal Type: Stygium with a secondary focusing crystal for colour.
Crystal Colour: Purple
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MPY's character database.
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