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 Trial of the Fallen

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Trial of the Fallen Empty
PostSubject: Trial of the Fallen   Trial of the Fallen Icon_minitimeWed Oct 03, 2018 4:48 pm

The cloaked figure sat in his quarters in the Cargo Frigate he'd secured passage on. He didn't care where it went, as long as he left the core worlds far behind. Nar Shadar would be an ideal place to disappear for a while.
He was trying to centre himself through meditation but every time he got close, the death of Revan came to the front of his mind and shattered his focus.

Giving up, he picked up the lightsaber he took from the battlefield. It belonged to Revan at one point. From the red crystal, it was from when he had been a Sith Lord.
The figure examined the hilt as he held it, thinking how he'd had to repair the weapon. He'd also added a piece of leather to the hilt that functioned as a grip, which he'd engraved with code that was a hybrid of the Jedi and Sith codes.

Pressing the activation switch, the crimson blade ignited and hummed with a sinister intent.
The ship's proximity warning went off suddenly.
The figure switched off the lightsaber and headed to the bridge.

"Captain, what's going?" He asked.
"We're caught in a tractor beam. Prepare for a boarding party. If we survive this we're going to have to renegotiate the fee, Vellak."
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Trial of the Fallen
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